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Five Generations In the Making

Trinidad and Tobago is a small country of two islands in the caribbean known for its local cuisine and carnival. It's an amazing place, with so many different kinds of cultures all blended together. Whenever I would go back to visit my family, my grandmother would always give me bottles of hot sauce to share with friends.

The hot sauce is referred to as ‘peppa sauce’. Every family has their own recipe and it’s typically added to meals to add flavor and heat. I started bringing back tons and tons of bottles, and it still somehow was never enough. Finally, I realized I've got to find an easier way to share this sauce than putting it in my suitcase.

Following my family recipe, we're using the freshest hand picked Scotch Bonnet and Scorpion Peppers flown in from the rich fertile soils of Trinidad and Tobago. The hot sauce blends fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs with mustard and vinegar, creating a rich, delicious flavor. The Scotch Bonnet Peppers give the sauce a glowing yellow color. The result is a unique tasting, incredibly flavorful sauce that's so fresh and unprocessed you'll savor each and every ingredient!

What People are Saying

"I love this sauce, and sincerely appreciate being invited to sample a Trinidad family recipe. The flavor is very well balanced- not vinegary or too salty. Unlike many other sauces on the market there isn't a hint of citrus. There's a slight mustard undertone which plays very well with the chiles- the heat creeps up slowly and hangs around for a long time. Everyone should try this sauce for themselves!" - Jaye
"This sauce is an excellent balance of flavor and heat. The flavor doesn't over power the foods you add it to but does its job to enhance it. It goes great with chicken, eggs, pork, and just about anything else I have tried it with. The heat doesn't hit you at first, but builds nicely until your mouth feels alive! This is a excellent sauce!" - CT
"Got my sample in the mail today just as my email stated. This sauce I 100% OUT OF THIS WORLD. There is none better I am from the SOUTH and love my hot sauce. Had it on my chicken breast for lunch and it ROCKS. I NEED MORE because when my son's get off the oil boats it's going to go fast. Thanks for a wonderful product." - Martha C.
"I have never tried a yellow hot sauce before so I was curious what this would taste like but was insanely surprised by the sweet / spicy flavor balance of the yellow magic inside the bottle. I think it will be my new go to sauce right next to the Sriracha." - Jordan
"We received a sample of the sauce and OMG it was delicious, it was really spicy but my husband and I couldn't stop eating it ... we put it on our steak we can't wait to buy some ..we recommend it 100% if you are looking for a spicy hot sauce with an amazing taste!" - Blanca D.