Trini Whipped Ricotta

by Mustafa Mannan April 14, 2022

Trini Whipped Ricotta

The most easy to make and delicious appetizer or late night snack you will ever experience. The creaminess of the ricotta is brought out by the salt, and the honey and bacon enhance the flavor profile. The addition of the secret ingredient, Trini Sauce, brings it all together. This dangerously poppable snack will have you scrounging for the leftover morsels. 


16 oz cups whole milk ricotta (do not skimp)

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (divided)

3 tbsp honey (warmed in microwave)

Course salt


Parsley (chopped)

Trini Pepper Sauce

Toasted baguette 



1. Place the bacon in a cold skillet. Cook the bacon over medium heat until it turns brown and crispy, about 8 to 10 minutes. Flip the strips as needed.

2. Drain the bacon and dry it with a paper towel. Once it’s slightly cooled, crumble the bacon.


3. Add ricotta and 2 tbsp olive oil to a food processor and blend until smooth, and transfer to a shallow serving bowl.

4. Heat up honey in a bowl lined with olive oil (prevents honey from sticking to the bowl).

5. Drizzle 2 tbsp of olive oil and heated honey on plated ricotta.

6. Sprinkle plenty of salt, and add crumbled bacon and chopped parsley on top plated ricotta.

7. Lastly, drizzle Trini Pepper Sauce on top to finish Trini Whipped Ricotta.

Mustafa Mannan
Mustafa Mannan


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