Spicy Hummus

by Mustafa Mannan July 08, 2021 1 Comment

Spicy Hummus

What is so amazing about hummus? Its creamy texture and smooth taste of course. Now imagine that with a dose of spice and island flavor. Try this spin with your favorite classic hummus recipe.

Hummus is good for you! Its full of protein and other nutrients for a complete meal that packs a punch 👊


  1. Your favorite hummus
  2. Trini Pepper Sauce
  3. Herbs



1) Add 1 cup of hummus into a serving bowl.

2) Add 1 teaspoon of Trini Pepper Sauce to the bowl & Mix.

3) Sprinkle herbs on top of mixture and enjoy! 

Mustafa Mannan
Mustafa Mannan


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Paul Medina
Paul Medina

August 17, 2021

Thank you. It came out great.

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